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TV Series That Have Been Resurrected Through Streaming 

TV Series That Have Been Resurrected Through Streaming 

Before the rise of streaming services, when a TV series struggled to score good ratings it was cancelled and that was usually the end of the matter. However, there have been plenty of shows over the year that managed to find a strong devoted audience, but because of showtimes or other factors ratings remained low. Since streaming doesn’t rely on scheduled programming, these shows can find success even after a disastrous run on the TV. 

There have been quite a few TV series that have found a second life for themselves on streaming platforms, but I’m going to run through just a few of the best and most interesting out there. 

Gilmore Girls

It might be easy to write Gilmore Girls off as just another lightly comedic show about family life, but it really has more to it than that. Gilmore Girls managed to strike a balance between the heartfelt and the entertaining, and its core plot threads have traced over issues that are familiar to most of our family lives. Despite finding a committed audience, Gilmore Girls was cancelled in its seventh series and disappeared from our screens with a number of plot threads still unresolved. Almost 10 years later, we returned to Stars Hollow on Netflix with a 4-part miniseries of 90-minute episodes.  

For lovers of quick banter and clever dialogue, it was a more than welcome return. 


Few shows have had as rocky a road in development as Community, with hiatuses, cast and creator departures and network changes all rearing their ugly heads at some point or another. Community built an extremely dedicated following during its time on TV, so when it was dropped by NBC it was no real surprise when it was snapped up by Yahoo! for their (now-defunct) streaming service. Fulfilling the fandom’s mantra of “6 seasons and a movie”, there are currently no plans for any more seasons of Community, but a film is in the works. 

The Mindy Project

Despite coming out during a particular glut of rom com TV shows, The Mindy Project did an excellent job at carving out its own niche and establishing its own particular style. While The Mindy Project might have found its audience and hit its stride, that didn’t save it from cancellation after its third season. Luckily Hulu was there to save the day, and the show comfortable found its feet on the online streaming platform for a further three seasons. 

Arrested Development

The story of Arrested Developments troubled…er… development has been thoroughly documented over the years as, despite a cult following and glowing reviews, it struggled to find a consistent audience. Throw in some executive meddling, and odd changes to the scheduling, and it was no surprise to anyone when Arrested Development left our screens in 2007. After years of rumours of a film, Arrested Development finally returned in 2013 for a 4th season and the 5th season is coming this year. Arrested Development is almost perfect for binge-watching on streaming because of the number of in-jokes and running gags that it has, and I think it is safe to say that it is no longer struggling to bring in enough viewers. 

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This one is a little different from the others as it hadn’t even hit TV screens before its continuation was in doubt. Initially produced by NBC, they began to have doubts over the potential success of another comedy series and so show creator Tina Fey was forced to find another distributor. Netflix was interested in the project and the rest is history. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt remains one of the most endearing and earnest comedies on the streaming platform and after the fourth and final season in 2019 I’ll be sad to see it go. 


If you were a fan of any of these TV shows and somehow missed out on them being picked back up for distribution on a streaming platform, then there is no better time than now for you to get online and check them out. Since you’ll be wanting to watch your favourites without interruption and at the highest quality possible, you might be interested to hear that there are some great deals available online for internet providers and entertainment packages.

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