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5 Netflix Series to Binge Watch

5 Netflix Series to Binge Watch

Netflix has become something of a treasure trove for great, bingeable telly, but as their catalogue grows larger and you finish off your classic standbys, you might be looking for something new to whet that insatiable streaming appetite that you’ve developed. Before you go an do something silly like watching the whole of Friends again, here are a few of the best series on Netflix that are well worth your time. 

Arrested Development 

After a notoriously rocky time on television with random schedule changes and an eventual cancellation in 2006, the adored Arrested Development disappeared from our screens for almost 6 years, before it was snapped up for new seasons from Netflix. Arrested Development is a wonderfully witty show and its commitment to long-running inside jokes and gags makes it perfect food for binging.  

Stranger Things 

Rocketing into the pulp culture consciousness in 2016, Stranger Things quickly became, and remains, one of the most loved shows on Netflix. Paying homage to Spielbergian 80s movies and the works of Stephen King, Stranger Things finds its place by playing gently on the strings of nostalgia while building on those established tropes to deliver a well-rounded horror show. 


While it shares the same name, and some story elements, as the Coen brothers critically acclaimed film, Fargo is a fantastic show in its own right. Exploring themes of morality through character-driven storytelling, each standalone season leverages the talent of its cast to create crescendos of drama, violence and emotion. You’ve never seen the American Midwest like this before. 


Netflix has seen a sudden rise in well produced and fascinating crime documentary series like Making a Murderer, but its dramatic outings remain just as engrossing as ever. Mindhunter tells the dramatised story of the creation of the FBI’s Behavioural Scient Unit and follows Agent Holden Ford as he interviews a series of serial killers. In the more than capable hands of David Fincher, Mindhunter frequently soars as it deals with the depravity that the human mind is capable of, while careful constructing characters that feel entirely real. 

BoJack Horseman 

A lot of people wrote off BoJack Horseman as just another animal-themed adult comedy TV show, but it has consistently proved that it is far more than that. BoJack Horseman follows the trials and tribulations of the titular character, a washed-up TV star from the 90s, and it delicately explores themes of depression and loneliness with a level of humanity that is surprising for a show that stars a horse and a golden retriever. 


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